Zado Metal Chain Set with Leather Cuffs

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Zado Metal Chain Set with Leather Cuffs

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    Product Description

    A really stylish chain set, which is perfect for fixation - and bondage play.

    The set consists of ankle-, wrist- and upper arm cuffs, which are connected by metal chains and go from the feet, all the way along your back, ending up in the neck where it fastens to a collar.

    On all the cuffs, as well as the collar, D-rings are attached, and on the chain a leather strap is attached with snap hooks. These are used to fasten the whole set together, and in this way, the submissive is not able free him/herself.

    Both cuffs and collars are adjustable and can therefore fit most people.

    The set is of a high quality, produced from strong leather and metal.

    Consists of:
    - 2 x wrist cuffs.
    - 2 x upper arm cuffs.
    - 2 x ankle cuffs.
    - 1 x collar.
    - 1 x metal chain with snap hooks.


    COLLAR: Length: 42 cm. Width: 6 - 8,5 cm. Circumference: Up to 45 cm.
    WRIST CUFFS: Length: 24 cm. Width: 8.4 cm. Circumference: Up to 27.5 cm.
    ANKLE CUFFS: Length: 31 cm. Width: 8.4 cm. Circumference: 37.5 cm.
    UPPER ARM CUFFS: Length: 37.5 cm. Width: 8.4 cm. Circumference: Up to 41 cm.
    LENGTH, CHAIN: 125 cm.
    CONSISTS OF: 2 x wrist cuffs, 2 x upper arm cuffs, 2 x ankle cuffs, 1 x collar, 1 x metal chain with snap hooks.

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