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Sex Toys - Here you will find a large selection of sex toys across the entire shop. You will find sex toys for both women, men and couples, and the selection contains everything from dildos and vibrators to lubricants and masturbators for men.

Vibrators - A vibrator is the perfect sex toy for women, whether single or in a relationship. Find the vibrator that suits you, whether you're into vaginal, anal, clitoral or G-spot stimulation.  

Dildos - Whether you’re into silicone, glass, steel  or design dildos, you can find it here. Each dildo has its very own special properties. Explore the selection and find your favourite.

We-Vibe - The vibrator that has been named the most popular couple’s vibrator in the world. We call it "Love Vibrator No 1", because increases the sexual intimacy and energy of the couple making love.  

Clitoral Orgasm - Did you know that the clitoral orgasm is the orgasm that the majority of women have the first time they experience an orgasm? Find your new clitoral vibrator from our great selection.


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