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About Us

Our dream is to inspire people to have a better sex life.

At Sinful we are curious. We are curious about experiences that bring more playfulness and love into everyday life. We are passionate about the kind of playfulness that sex toys and erotic products can trigger.

We know a lot about sex toys and the current industry trends. We want to pass this knowledge on to you. At Sinful you can get the best and newest products on the market, and we make an effort to ensure that you find the products that are perfect for you. Sinful is for everyone who dream of a more playful sex life and who want top quality and beautifully designed sex toys and erotic products.

Sinful is Scandinavia's largest e-commerce sex toy business. We are proud recipients of the Danish Entrepreneurship Award for E-Commerce 2017 as well as the Danish Gazelle Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017. To receive the Gazelle Award, a company must be among the most successful companies across all industries in Denmark, have demonstrated positive growth and have doubled revenue over a period of four financial years.

The Story of Sinful

Sinful was founded by Mathilde Mackowski and Tonny Andersen. They had a dream about inspiring people to have an even better sex life. Since 2008, Sinful’s mission has been to make sex toys more mainstream. When Sinful was awarded the Danish Entrepreneurship Award for E-Commerce in 2017, it was because of this mission.

In a short time, Sinful has become Scandinavia's largest e-commerce sex toy business. All employees work hard every day to ensure our customers have the very best experience when they need advice and guidance, when they place an order in the shop, and when they receive their packages.

Our dedicated team creates positive customer experiences, and they want you to have the best service and the best experience on your journey towards enriching your sex life.

The people behind

Since the very beginning of founding Sinful, we’ve had a desire to show the world how many positive experiences you can have with sex toys. It is great to receive awards recognising our positive growth and entrepreneurship. But what warms our hearts the most is that every year, we get to send hundreds of thousands of packages, guaranteed to bring smiles, laughs, playfulness and love to our customers.

Our ambitions get wilder and bigger, but our dream remains the same. We want to inspire everyone to have a better sex life. And we won’t stop until we succeed.

Sinful Founders

Tonny Andersen & Mathilde Mackowski

Founders of Sinful