Touché Pheromones Spray for Women
Touché Pheromones Spray for Women
Touché Pheromones Spray for Women  1

Touché Pheromones Spray for Women


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Product Description

If you're a woman who wants to increase your sexual attraction to the opposite sex, then this Pheromones Spray is just the thing for you.

The spray is like bottled sex appeal! It contains perfume and pheromones, also called "the scent of love" or "the scent of sexuality".

Pheromones are said to possess a sexual force of attraction, so if you want to attract a man, spray a little from this bottle on your neck or another part of your body.

The spray is mildly scented and very economical in use. We recommend applying just one spray with the bottle, which will last up to 12 hours.

Note, this is not a deodorizer to be compared with a regular deodorant or perfume.

Product Details

CONTENT: Pheromone spray.
SIZE: 50 ml.
USER GUIDE: Dutch, English, French, Polish and more.


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