TENGA Egg Masturbator 6 pcs
TENGA Egg Masturbator 6 pcs
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TENGA Egg Masturbator 6 pcs

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Product Description

These innocent looking eggs are hugely popular masturbators for men. Inside each shell you will find a soft and extremely stretchy sleeve with a stimulating inner structure that varies between models. Pick your favourite and enjoy it solo or together with your partner, or take it with you when you travel.

Crack the shell, pull out the sleeve and squeeze in the included water-based lube, and just like that you’re ready to go. The sleeve is so stretchy that one size definitely fits all.

The sleeves are made of soft TPE and designed to be disposable, but with gentle use, ample lubrication, and thorough cleaning you can enjoy them more than once. 

Pro tip! Pinch the tip of your TENGA Egg the way you would a condom before plunging into it. This helps keep it from over-stretching.

Product Details

ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates.
LENGTH: 6.5-30 cm.
DIAMETER: Up to 15 cm.
QUANTITY: 6 pcs.
LANGUAGE: English.
INCLUDED: Sachet of water-based lube in each egg.


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