Swede Senze Massage Candle 150 ml

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  • Swede Senze Massagelys 150 ml  1
  • Swede Senze Massagelys 150 ml  2
  • Swede Senze Massagelys 150 ml  3
  • Swede Senze Massagelys 150 ml  4
  • Swede Senze Massagelys 150 ml  5

Swede Senze Massage Candle 150 ml

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Product Description

The Senze Massage Candles from Swede are ideal for kinky couples. The massage candle consists of solidified massage oil (similar to stearin) with a wick.

When you light the wick, the massage oil starts to melt. Let the candle burn for minimum 15 minutes until a good amount of oil is warm and melting. Blow out the flame and pour the warm massage oil over the body.

The Senze Massage Candles come in a drop-shaped glass (seen from above). This makes it easy to pour the right amount of oil.

The melted massage oil is warm but not burning hot like melted candle wax, and is just as easy to work into the skin as normal massage oil.

The massage candle is made of a combination of natural wax, butter fat, oils and pure essential oils.

The Senze Massage Candles are available in five very different scents and burn for 36 hours.

The five scents available are:

Blissful: Clove, Orange and Lavender.
Soothing: Spearmint, Rose and Orange.
Spiritual: Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Petit Grain.
Teasing: Vanilla, Chili and Ylang-Ylang.
Vitalizing: Lemon, Pepper and Eucalyptus.


MATERIAL: Natural wax, butter fat, oils, pure essential oils.
SIZE: 150 ml.
SCENT: 5 different varieties.
BURNING TIME: 36 hours.
USER GUIDE: English, Swedish.

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