Sportsheets Jam Door Sex Swing
Sportsheets Jam Door Sex Swing
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Sportsheets Jam Door Sex Swing

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Product Description

With the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling sex, you can explore a wealth of stimulating sexual positions and enjoy the feeling of weightless, swinging movements.

The sex swing is perfect if you don't mind putting hooks in the ceiling. You can quickly put it up and take it down, and therefore be completely discreet about your swinging sex life.

The door swing is also great for traveling because it doesn't need a hook in the ceiling to work. Simply put the swings straps over the door, close the door and then you're ready to play. The swing can adjust to many different positions.

The swing consists of one wide strap for the bum, 2 straps for the legs, 2 metal handles and 2 straps that can be used to hold on to. 

The swing is made from durable nylon that can hold up to 145 kg. It is important to make sure the door is solid enough when you use the swing.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Strong plastic and nylon.
CARRYING CAPACITY: Up to max. 145 kg.
GUARANTEE: 2years.
USER GUIDE: English.


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