Sportsheets G-spot Ankle Cuffs
Sportsheets G-spot Ankle Cuffs
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Sportsheets G-spot Ankle Cuffs

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Product Description

With the Sportsheets G-Spot Ankle Cuffs at hand in the bedroom, you will be able to enjoy deeper and better G-spot stimulation during intercourse and sex.

The cuffs make it easier to get into positions which are angled just perfectly for lavishing the sensitive G-spot with waves of intense stimulation.

Fasten the cuffs around the ankles and lift up the legs. Notice how her stimulation becomes more and more intense, the farther forward her legs are pushed.

Be sure to also try classic missionary with your legs fastened around his waist. This will allow you to relax while simultaneously guiding him to the perfect depth and tempo.

The belt between the cuffs boasts a user-friendly click system which makes it easy to adjust exactly how you want it. It is made of a soft and durable material which makes it pleasant and comfortable to wear even during longer lovemaking sessions.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Neoprene, plastic and polypropylene.
GUARANTEE: 2 years.
WIDTH: From 9 – 30 cm.
USER GUIDE: English.


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