Sinful Elegant Glass Butt Plug Small

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Sinful Elegant Glass Butt Plug Small

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    Product Description

    If you are curious about experimenting with anal stimulation, then the Sinful Elegant Glass Butt Plug Small offers many possibilities for anal play.

    The butt plug stimulates in and around the anus effectively. Use as a part of seductive foreplay or during the act itself to achieve a deeper climax.

    This butt plug is made from hardened glass, meaning it can be both warmed up or cooled down before use. Try and experiment with different temperatures for an extra sensual experience.

    The plug is effortless to insert. It has a diameter of 3 cm, and a length of 11 cm, of which 9.5 cm is insertable. The butt plug has a stopper, so you can have a safe and secure experience.


    MATERIAL: Glass.
    LENGTH: 11 cm(of which 9.5 cm is insertable).
    DIAMETER: 3 cm (widest part).
    WEIGHT: App. 149 g