Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche

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Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche

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    Product Description

    Stay clean and comfortable with the efficient Sinful Deluxe Anal Douche - an absolutely essential accessory for relaxed and pleasurable anal play.

    Rinse and clean the anal region with the douche before experimenting with anal sex or toys. Feeling fresh and clean allows you to fully relax and give in to the pleasure.

    The douche has a squeezable bulb that sucks in and expels water for thorough cleaning. The narrow flush pipe makes insertion comfortable and easy. We recommend applying some water-based lube on the pipe for extra glide during insertion.

    You can remove the pipe for easy cleaning with water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. It can also be scalded briefly in boiling water, but don’t leave it in to avoid deformation.


    ALLERGENS: Free of phthalates.
    VOLUME: 225 ml.
    CLEANING: May be scalded but not left in boiling water, which could deform the flush pipe.
    LANGUAGE: English.

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