Sinful Anal Douche

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Sinful Anal Douche

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Product Description

The Sinful Anal Douche is an efficient and very useful product for those who are experimenting with anal stimulation.

With the douche you can rinse and clean the anal region with water before you have anal sex, so that the anal play is as hygienic as possible, and to avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of your fun. And in that way, you can better relax and give yourself over to the pleasure. 

How to use the Sinful Anal Douche:
1. Fill the pump with body temperature water and apply lubricant to the flush pipe so it will glide in more comfortably. 

2. Carefully spray water gently up the anus and then proceed to the toilet, where you let the water fall out.

3. Repeat the process until it feels clean and the water that rinses out into the toilet, looks clean.

Remember to clean your Sinful Anal Douche thoroughly after using it. The rinse tube can be removed, which makes it is easier to clean.

You may want to scald it in boiling water, but it is important that you just give it a quick rinse and not leave it laying in the boiling water since the tube may become deformed as a result.  


MATERIAL: ABS plastic and rubber.
CAN HOLD: 225 ml.
CLEANING: May scald, but may not left in boiling water, which could deform the flushing pipe.
USER GUIDE: English.

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