Sex & Mischief Steele Balls
Sex & Mischief Steele Balls
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Sex & Mischief Steele Balls

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Product Description

Steele Balls from Sex & Mischief is a set of stainless steel balls, which can both be used for kinky play and for pelvic floor training. The balls have a smooth surface that feels even better when used with water-based lubricant.

Steele Balls are relatively heavy for their size because they are made from stainless steel.  This makes them very arousing to use and you can feel the balls moving around as you move. If you would like an even greater experience with your steel balls then you can warm them up or cool them down in a water bath 10 minutes before use. NOTE! We recommend that you always check the temperature of the balls on the inner side of your forearm before inserting them intimately. 

For pelvic floor training, Steel Balls are recommended for women who already have experience with Kegel balls. The combination of Steele Balls' small diameter (2 cm) and heaviness requires really strong pelvic muscles to hold them up. We suggest you start with contracting muscles around the balls while laying down. Then you can eventually train yourself up to being able to walk around with them.

Sex & Mischief Steele Balls are easily removable when you are done with them. Their weight means they can work their own way down, but you can also press your pelvic muscles down to remove them.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Polished steel. 
WEIGHT: Each ball weighs 33 g


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