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Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs
Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs
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Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs  2
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Sex & Mischief Paddle with Studs

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Product Description

The Sex & Mischief Paddle With Studs is the perfect tool to use if it's your first time or you prefer softer slaps.

This black paddle has two different sides, providing two options on the sensations you wish to give. One side is smooth and produces a really loud smack when it hits the skin.

The other side is decorated with beautiful but small studs and creates an entirely different effect. Even though the studs are only 2 mm high and their tips are rounded, they do the job if your partner deserves a harder and more titillating spanking. The side with the studs gives a quieter smack, compared to the smooth side.

We recommend that you agree on a stop word before beginning so that you can stop while play is still fun.

Product Details

MATERIAL: PVC, synthetic leather and metal.
LENGTH, PADDLE: 31.8 cm (without strap), of which the handle makes up approx. 17 cm.
WIDTH, PADDLE: 6.5 cm.
LENGTH, STRAP: approx. 11 cm.


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