Sensuva On Clitoris Stimulation Oil

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Sensuva On Clitoris Stimulation Oil

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    Product Description

    Sensuva On is an exciting clitoral stimulating oil that makes the clitoris more sensitive to the touch. The oil is made from natural botanical ingredients with essential oils that gives a warm and ticklish feeling, once it touches the clitoris. Keep in mind when you use Sensuva On you have an increased blood flow to the clitoris, to touching will be felt more clearly and you will have an increased enjoyment and pleasure. 

    Apply 1-2 drops of Sensuva On oil on to your clitoris 2 minutes before foreplay or sex, before playing starts. Sensuva On works for up to 45 minutes, and you may apply more oil if you would like a longer effect. The oil can also be used for oral sex.

    Take note that the oil may not be used if you are pregnant.

    Contains: Sensuva On Arousal Oil holds 5 ml.


    SIZE: Yes.
    SUITABLE FOR: Foreplay, oral sex or playing with a partner.
    QUANTITY TO BE USED: 1-2 drops per time.