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Rimba Nipple Sticks
Rimba Nipple Sticks
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Rimba Nipple Sticks

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Product Description

The Rimba Nipple Sticks is a pair of long nipple clamps that are adjustable, for as much squeeze and pressure as you want!

Each of the sticks consists of two thin stcks that are held together by two rubber pieces on both ends. Pull the rubber pieces away from each other, so that you can pull the sticks apart and place them around your nipples. Once the clamps are on, push the rubber pieces back, as far back as you wish depending on how tight you like it.

The Rimba Nipple Sticks are super easy to use. They give a hard pressure, which can be even harder, therefore we suggest these nipple clamps for those of you who have experience.

Product Details

WEIGHT: 37 g for both.
LENGTH: 22.8 cm   


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