Rimba Electro Sex Clamps

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Rimba Electro Sex Clamps

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    Product Description

    Allow stimulating power excite and satisfy you with Electro Sex Clamps from Rimba.

    Connect unipolar clamps to an electrosex unit and let the power arouse you precisely where you wish. It can be used on the nipples, the labia, scrotum and all other erogenous zones.

    The clamps can only electrically stimulate you on the parts of your body you have it attached to, and there isn't an electrical connection between the two clamps. So you can safely use both clamps at the same time on different parts of your body.

    Compatible with, amongst others, Rimba Digital Electrosex unit, and is perfect for you if you have experience with electrosex.

    Always be careful with safety when experimenting with electrosex. Do not use with people who have heart problems, a pacemaker, epilepsy or pregnant. Read and follow instructions for your electrosex unit.


    MATERIAL: Plastic.
    PLUG: 2.5 mm male-plug.
    LENGTH CLAMPS: 4 cm.
    COMPATIBLE WITH: Rimba Digital Electrosex Unit.