Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump
Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump
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Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump
Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump

Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump

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Product Description

The Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump helps you achieve a fuller, harder and longer lasting erection. You can also keep track of how much your penis is growing when you use the pump.

When you place the Pump Worx Maximizer pump over your penis and begin pumping, a comfortable and stimulating vacuum is created. This causes blood to flood into your penis, resulting in a harder erection.

It is not possible to achieve a permanent enlargement of the penis with a penis pump, but by using it a couple of hours before sex you get to enjoy the desired effect. Many men gain a more intense experience during masturbation or sexual intercourse after using the pump.

The pump's extra long cylinder is 30.5 cm long with an opening of 8 cm.

Included with the pump is a cock ring, which is very effective when used in combination with the pump. The cock ring is very elastic and can stretch all the way up to 8.5 cm in diameter.

How to use the Pump Worx XXL Maximizer Penis Pump:

- Place the cock ring around the root of your penis.

- Add a little water-based lubricant on the base of the pump to create a better seal.

- Then place the cylinder over your penis (not testicles).

- Pump slowly and watch your penis grow. If it is your first time using the penis pump, then we suggest using it for no longer than 10 minutes.

- The pump has a quick-release valve, making it quick and easy to let air out of the pump once you have achieved the desired effect.

Product Details

MATERIAL: ABS plastic.
LENGTH: 30.5 cm.
FITS: Most penis sizes.
DIAMETER COCK RING: Up to 8.5 cm (very elastic).
INCLUDES: Cock ring.
LANGUAGE: English.


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