Monogamy Erotic Board Game

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Monogamy Erotic Board Game

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    Product Description

    Dim the lights, turn off the phone and get ready to have a hot affair with your partner as you play through the sensual and erotic Monogamy board game. It will spice things up between you and open up new sides of your relationship.

    This board game will make you a little more loving, smiling and excited after just a few throws of the dice. During play you will experience exciting, hilarious and sexy challenges. 

    The game features three levels of intensity for personalised play: intimate, passionate and steamy. It reaches its climax with the winner choosing one of the 50 fantasies to act out. Some of the cards have a "Treat" action that you carry out over in the days and weeks to come, which helps keep that special feeling of closeness long after the board's been packed away.

    Monogamy is in English and very easy to understand. The game consists of a 48 x 48 cm game board, 100 playing cards for him, 100 playing cards for her, 50 fantasy map cubes and play tokens.


    MEASUREMENTS: Approx. 40 x 20 x 7.5 cm.
    WEIGHT: Approx. 950 g.
    GAME DURATION: Approx. 90 mins.
    LANGUAGE: English.
    INCLUDED: Game board, 200 playing cards, 50 fantasy map cubes and play tokens.

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