Master Series The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler

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Master Series The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler

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    Product Description

    The Black Wooden Humbler is really saucy for those of you who experiment with advanced submission sex toys for him.

    If you want full control then you should try this "torture-instrument", which guaranteed will have him whining in painful delight and "Humble" describes it all.

    The Humbler functions as a form of pillory for his scrotum: You loosen the top part of the humbler, place his scrotum between the two holders and screw them to tighten. You decide on the amount of pressure by how much you tighten the screws around his scrotum. And he will experience an intense painful lust and enjoyment, while he has it on.

    It hurts least when he lays on his knees on his stomach. He can also try to carefully crawl wth it on, which will add extra pressure and pain.

    The Enforcer Black Humbler is made from hard wood that fixates him to the max. It is easy to clean in warm water with a sex toy cleaner, for the best hygiene.


    MATERIAL: Leather and metal.


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