Master Series Intake Anal Suction Cup
Master Series Intake Anal Suction Cup
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Master Series Intake Anal Suction Cup

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Product Description

If you would like to play with kinky anal stimulation, then why not give the Master Series Intake Anal suction cup a try.

Place the suction cup around the anus, turn the top and a vacuum is created. The more you turn it, the more powerful the suction will be, so you can decide whether it will be titillating or torturous. The suction cup is ideal for very kinky play, and can both be used as part of foreplay or during the action itself.

The Intake Anal Suction Device is made from transparent plastic, so you can always see what is going on. it can also be placed on other parts of the body - so don't allow anything or anyone to limit your play possibilities (only your dominant).

The suction cup has an internal diameter of 5.3 cm and a full length of 10.5 cm, of which the cup itself is 7.5 cm long. Pressure is adjustable by simply turning the top part.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Transparent plastic.
- Length, total: 10.5 cm.
- Length, cup: 7.5 cm.
- Diameter, internally: 5.3 cm.
WEIGHT: 85 g.


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