Luxury Vaginal Speculum
Luxury Vaginal Speculum
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Luxury Vaginal Speculum

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Product Description

This Luxury Vaginal Speculum is the perfect addition if you would like to experiment with erotic doctor play and other kinky role-play. If you want to examine a patient or yourself, then the Luxury Vaginal Speculum is ideal for experiencing an intense vulnerability. 

This sleek Luxury Vaginal Speculum is made from 1.5mm thick, robust and stainless medical steel and all internal edges are polished so that it is very comfortable to use. The speculums edges are 3.9 cm high and slightly curved to fit the female anatomy. It can insert approx. 10.7 cm in and can screw up to be approx. 10 cm open internally.

If you wish to use the Luxury Vaginal Speculum for titillating temperature play then you can warm it up or cool it down in a water bath for 10 minutes before beginning. Always test the temperature on the inner side of your forearm before you use the speculum intimately.

How to use the Luxury Vaginal Speculum:
The speculum inserts in a locked position, and thereafter screws up until it has reached the desired opening. We suggest you use a silicone-based lubricant with your Luxury Vaginal Speculum, as it makes for more comfortable insertion. Remember to always take it slow when playing with a speculum, and agree on a stop-word with your partner before starting.

When you are done with using the vaginal speculum, wash it thoroughly with warm water and sex toy cleaner. 

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical stainless steel.
HEIGHT, TOTAL: approx. 7 cm.
LENGTH, TOTAL: 15.5 cm
ADJUSTABLE: Can open up to 10 cm.


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