Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow
Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow
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Liberator Jaz Sex Pillow

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Product Description

Would you like to take your favourite positions and make them even better, more comfortable, or try new positions? The Liberator Jaz will help you do exactly that.

This wedged-shaped pillow makes it so that you experience positions at a whole new angle. Try, for example, the missionary position and experience how the pillow helps achieve deeper penetration and better stimulation of a woman’s G-spot, until you both reach the peak of your satisfaction. The Liberator Jaz can also be used to support and relieve pressure, from what would normally be strenuous. The Liberator Jaz gives women a lot of freedom and strength for titillating movements in positions she would normally have to use a lot of strength, to hold her legs up to get penetration from another angle.

With the Liberator Jaz you get a soft and stable pillow, that puts comfort above the rest. The pillow retains its shape and does not move around when you use it; otherwise, you would end up with a rolled pillow or a folded rug.

The Liberator Jaz is both suitable for those with experience using such a pillow, as well as those who would like to try it for the first time. Use the pillow to discover sexual opportunities to achieve the most pleasure possible, regardless of how long you have been together.

Its modest size, low weight and discreet design, means that you can in actual fact take this pillow with on trips and travelling.

The Liberator Jaz has a cover that is machine washable. Internally, the pillow is upholstered in polyester, so that moisture or water can not get through to the sex pillow’s foam. The Liberator Jaz is 18 cm high, 37 cm wide and 50 cm long.

Product Details

MATERIAL: The pillow is made with polyurethane covered in microsuede.
MEASUREMENTS: 18 cm x 37 cm x 50 cm.
USER GUIDE: English, German and more.


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