Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel

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Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel

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    Product Description

    The Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel is a kinky sex toy for men who wish to have titillating action of the balls. A ball stretcher stretches the balls and has a good weight so that the balls pulls downward.

    The Kiotos Ball Stretcher in Steel especially shines when you're close to climax. Normally the balls gets completely pulled towards the body when climax comes closer, but when you use the Ball Stretcher the weight counteracts the contraction. Therefore, the body has to work harder to pull the balls up, which can give you an even more powerful climax than normal.

    The Kiotos Ball Stretcher clamps and opens with the supplied allen key. The Ball Stretcher comes in 3 different sizes (height) all depending on how much you wish to stretch the balls. The 3 different heights on this ball stretcher is 30 mm (347 g), 40 mm (444 g) and 60 mm (621 g).


    MATERIAL: Steel.
    HEIGHT: 30, 40 and 60 mm.
    WEIGHT: 347g, 444g. and 621 g.
    INNER DIAMETER: Approx. 3.5 cm.
    OUTER DIAMETER: Approx. 5.5 cm.
    OPENS WITH: Allen Key (included).

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