Kinklab Power Tripper Human Electrode

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  • Kinklab Power Tripper Human Electrode
  • Kinklab Power Tripper Human Electrode

Kinklab Power Tripper Human Electrode

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    Product Description

    With Kinklab Power Tripper you can convert yourself into a human electrode.  

    Kinklab Power Tripper should be used with the Kinklab Neon Wand, which you can also buy here at the shop.

    When you ”take the Power Tripper on” and place it firmly against your bare skin you can create stimulating electronic impulses between yourself and your partner. 

    When you, for eg. hold your hand a short distance from your partners skin it results in an electric contact between you, which feels unbelievably stimulating and titillating. The electrical contact will be at it's strongest when there is is a distance between your bodies, or when you gently and quickly touch each other, and not press too hard. So if you for eg. touch your partner firmly against the skin, he/she won't feel anything.

    The thrill lies in varying the distance betwen you and your partner, as the electronic impulses shift in strength and intensity.

    How the Kinklab Power Tripper works:
    - Connect the Power Tripper to your Kinklab Neon Wand.
    - Place the Power Trippers' rectangular metal disk on your bare skin, for eg. your underwear lining, in your socks or under a sweatband on your wrist.
    - Turn on your Neon Wand on the lowest strength.
    - Place your hand a short distance from your partners body, a feel whether the strength is fitting. Turn the strength up if so desired.
    - Make sure both you and your partner has removed all metal from your body, for eg. jewlery or clothes with zippers ect.

    Included is a comprehensive (English) user guide in the package, which you should read through thouroughly, before using your Power Tripper.



    MATERIAL: Metal with rubber covered wire.
    USER GUIDE: English.
    SIZE OF METAL DISC: 8 x 5 cm.