Kegelmaster Pelvic Floor Trainer
Kegelmaster Pelvic Floor Trainer
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Kegelmaster Bækkenbundstræner
Kegelmaster Bækkenbundstræner
Kegelmaster Bækkenbundstræner
Kegelmaster Bækkenbundstræner
Kegelmaster Bækkenbundstræner

Kegelmaster Pelvic Floor Trainer

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Product Description

The Kegelmaster is one of the most widely used training tools for efficient pelvic floor training.

You place the Kegelmaster pelvic floor trainer inside the vagina and carry out your squeezing exercises around it. You can change the settings for your Kegelmaster according to the degree of difficulty you want, creating a tailormade exercise regime.

For best results, it is important to use the Kegelmaster efficiently. If you find that the exercises are too easy, then you will get much better results by increasing the level of difficulty.

- A healthier pelvis region.
- A more sensitive vagina.
- A tighter pelvic floor.
- Improved sex life.
- Less risk of incontinence.

How to use the Kegelmaster pelvic floor trainer:
1. Start by washing the Kegelmaster with warm water and sex toy cleaner (you can also use a hygiene wash).
2. Open the pelvic floor trainer and place one or more springs on the inner posts. The level of difficulty depends on the number of springs and where you place them.
3. Before inserting the Kegelmaster, it is important to apply a drop of lube on it to make penetration much smoother and more comfortable.
4. Lie down comfortably on the bed with your legs bent and insert the Kegelmaster in the vagina.
5. Try to do squeezing exercises around the Kegelmaster and remember to adjust it if you feel it is too easy.
6. Carry out 30 squeezing exercises with the Kegelmaster a day, three times a day. If you feel that three times a day is too much effort, then do fewer. Feel free to follow your own pace!

The Kegelmaster has, for example, been featured and recommended in several TV shows in the United States.

Note! If you have problems with pain in your pelvis area, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to train your pelvic floor.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical plastic.
LENGTH: 21 cm.
DIAMETER: 3 - 6.8 cm.
USER GUIDE: English.


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