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Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls
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Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  1
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  2
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  3
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  4
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  5
Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls - AWARD WINNER  10

Joyballs Secret Kegel Balls

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Product Description

Joyball Secret Pelvic balls are perfect for training your pelvic floor.

Effective kegel training tightens your pelvic muscles, giving you more sensitivity in the vagina and a higher desire for sex. The training recommended by both sexologists, gynaecologists and midwives.

Joyballs kegel balls has ball inside which vibrates when you move.

This puts pressure on your pelvic floor muscles and for many women may be slightly stimulating.

The balls are dermatologically tested and made of medical silicone.

This makes them very comfortable to insert in. We recommend that you use a little water-based lubricant, as this will make them even easier to insert.

The kegel balls works so that once inserted in, you then pinch on them, as you would when doing kegel exercises.

What makes these kegel balls special is that cord you would pull the balls out with are carried inside with the balls.

In that way you can wear them and be completely discreet. You can grasp the cord inserting a couple fingers and taking hold of it. 

The package includes a beautiful satin pouch for safe and discreet storage.

In 2012 Joyballs won the “Best Product for Women” Erotixxx Award. 

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
DIAMETER: 3.7 cm.
WEIGHT: 86 g.


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