Jade Egg for Yoni Massage and Kegel exercises

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Jade Egg for Yoni Massage and Kegel exercises

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    Product Description

    Experience sex in a new, more intense and erotic way. 

    Practice with the Jade Egg can increase the blood flow to the vaginal muscles,and at the same time you will notice an increased sexual sensitivity, not only in your vagina but in your whole Yoni(a woman’s reproductive organs and genitalia). Do you want to experience an increased sensitivity, which among other things can lead to experiencing a vaginal orgasm, regardless of your age, height or breadth.

    This is the original Jade Egg, imported directly from The Jade Egg Mine in the USA.

    We import and sell these eggs in Europe in collaboration with Saida Désilets, who is the world’s best known Jade Egg expert.

    If you want to fully benefit from your Jade Egg, check out the book "Emergence of the Sensual Woman” written by the Jade Egg expert, Saida Désilets. You can of course purchase the book here at our shop at sinful.eu You can read Saida’s e-book that you can find right here.

    With a Jade Egg you can among other things:
    - Massage your vagina internally.
    - Increase the flow of female hormones.
    - Develop stronger orgasms.
    - Achieve more feeling on your G-spot.
    - Train your pelvic muscles and enjoy healthier reproductive organs.
    - Prevent incontinence.
    - Experience a whole other kind of female energy.

    Although the egg is not specifically developed for kegel exercises, it will create more of a blood flow, sensual energy, sexual desire and raciness to your Yoni. 



    MATERIAL: Jade stone.
    MEASUREMENTS: about. 4 x 2.5 cm.
    VÆGT: ca. 60 g.

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