J-Lube Powder Lubricant 284 g
J-Lube Powder Lubricant 284 g
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J-Lube Powder Lubricant 284 g  1

J-Lube Powder Lubricant 284 g

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Product Description

J-Lube Powder is a water-based lubricant in powder form.

You mix the powder with water, and the result is a lubricant suited to your needs. A bottle of J-Lube gives between 20-25 litres of ready-mixed lubricant.

Start with 2-3 level teaspoons of powder per 500 ml of water, and experiment to find the mixture ratio that provides the texture you are after.

J-Lube was originally a veterinary product, but is popular with and suitable for fisting, and can also be used for play with all sex toys.

Product Details

TYPE: Water-based lubricant.
INGREDIENTS: Polyethylene polymer (25%), dispersing agent (75%).
CONTAINS: Powder for water-based lubricant.
MIXTURE RATIO SUGGESTION: 2-3 level teaspoons J-Lube powder per 500 ml water.
SEX TOYS: Compatible with all types of sex toys.
CONTENT: 284 g.
LANGUAGE: English.


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