Icicles No 25 Glass Plug
Icicles No 25 Glass Plug
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Icicles No 25 Glass Plug

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Product Description

Icicles No. 29 is a stylish, handmade butt plug made from hypo-allergenic glass.

It is very elegant and just perfect if you appreciate and put importance on quality, aesthetics and effective anal stimulation. Moreover, it very robust and suitable for hard play.

The glass plug has the normal shape that characterises most butt plugs, and in addition a foot to ensure it stays where it should.

It is simply great to use. Whether you use a silicone or water based lubricant, you will absolutely enjoy your experience.

The plug is for anyone who appreciates getting filled up. We suggest that you have at least some experience with anal stimulation, if you want to use a plug.

Besides, a glass plug will last many years, and an advantage is that you can warm or cool down your plug for an extra stimulating experience.

Place it in the freezer or in a bowl of warm water, before using.

The plug is extremely easy to clean (with sex toy cleaning spray) and can even get washed in a dishwasher.

Product Details

LENGTH: 9.5 cm.
WIDTH: 1-4.5 cm (from smallest to widest part)
WEIGHT: App. 145 g.


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