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Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator
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Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator Dildo
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  1
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  2
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  3
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  4
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  5
Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator - AWARD WINNER  6

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Dildo Pulsator


Product discontinued
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Product Description

Mathilde Mackowski, co-owner of Sinful, has helped develop and test the Stronic Eins IN COLLABORATION WITH Fun Factory.

The pulsator operates using an innovative motor technology, which moves inside the dildo, thereby creating the pulsating and thrusting movements. When using your pulsator, simply support it with one hand and then basically it will do all "work" for you.

Stronic Eins from Fun Factory is the first dildo pulsator on the market that stimulates with thrusting back-and-forth movements. It doesn’t come closer to the feeling of a man's movements than this, both Stronic Eins' size and shape makes the experience very realistic.Stronic Eins is created for the woman who knows exactly what she wants.

With its soft curves and simple design it is both stylish and feminine. The pulsator is ergonomically designed and has just the right shape to give you maximum pleasure. The elevation at the bottom of the dildo gives you extra stimulation you at the entrance of your vaginal.

The dildo can pulsate in 10 different ways. So even on the lowest setting, where it slowly moves in and out of you,  it really is very stimulating.

Stronic Eins is made of medical silicone and as all other products from Fun Factory, phthalate-free. The silicone gives the dildo a very soft finish, which just feels even softer and smoother if you use a water-based lubricant on it. 

Note! Stronic Eins includes a magnet and is therefore not recommended if you have a pacemaker.

The pulsator is rechargeable and includes a Click'n'Charge USB charger.

It is waterproof and can therefore easily be enjoyed in the bath/shower and easily cleaned by rinsing it in hot water and then afterwards treating it with a sex toy cleaner.

The vibrator is locked when you receive it. It is equipped with a key lock so that it does not turn itself on while In your bedside table drawer or briefcase.
Unlock: Press the "Fun” and "(+)" buttons simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.
Start: Press the "Fun" button and then select the program with (+) and (-).
Lock after use: Press the "Fun” and "(-)” button simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical silicone.
LENGTH: 23.8 cm.
DIAMETER: 4.5 - 3.5 cm.
PULSATION LEVELS: 10 settings.
INTERFACE: 3 buttons.
USER MANUAL: English and German.


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