Fifty Days Of Play Erotic Card Game
Fifty Days Of Play Erotic Card Game
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Fifty Days Of Play Erotic Card Game

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Product Description

Fifty Days of Play is the perfect sex card game for thrill-seekers who would like new and naughty inspiration for their sex life. The card game was inspired by the erotic trilogy ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ and includes one dice and 50 small envelopes in 5 different shades, from virgin white to seductive black.

Each of the sex game’s envelopes contains instructions for an intimate and romantic activity, like a stimulating game or erotic and enticing surprises. The envelope’s shade indicates how naughty or innocent the activity inside it will be, and who will be dominant and who will be obedient. The envelope shade to be opened is determined by the throw of a dice.

Fifty Days of Play sex game is perfect for couples who seek increased intimacy and want to get to know each other even better.

Product Details

TITLE: Fifty Days of Play
RULES: Simple.
AGE RECOMMENDATION: Over 18 year olds.
LANGUAGE: English.
CONTAINS: 1 dice and 50 envelopes.


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