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Fairy Mini Massage Wand
Fairy Mini Massage Wand
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  1
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  2
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  3
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  4
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  5
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  6
Fairy Mini Massage Wand  7

Fairy Mini Massage Wand


Product discontinued
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Product Description

Have you dreamt of a powerful vibrator with a great deal of power? Try the powerful Fairy Massager that can stimulate you with an intensity that not many other vibrators can. Actually the Fairy is one of the most powerful vibrators on the market.

One of the reasons why the fairy magic wand can vibrate with such strength is because it must be connected to the wall power outlet. Therefore, you do not have to worry about batteries and can just use the vibrator whenever you want.

The Fairy Mini Massage Wand is part of the same family as the well known magic wand vibrator, which is known from Sex and the City and the TV program Sex school. Magic Wand was originally created as a massager, but it was quickly realised that the powerful, massaging properties could also benefit as a sex toy. The Fairy Mini Massage Wand is so powerful that you can also use it around on the rest of your body either for a general massage or as a part of foreplay with your partner.

The Fairy Mini Massage Wand is made from high-quality plastic and is therefore a robust vibrator. The vibrator’s neck is supple, which gives a little flexibility when you use it. Vibrations has multi-speeds. I.e. you just screw up or down depending on the strength you want.

What the Fairy has in power, it also has in sound. The vibrator in no way tries to hide its very effective vibration. This is simply not possible for such a powerful vibrator.

The Fairy Mini Massage Wand is not waterproof and therefore should not be used in water.

This Fairy Mini Massage Wand is ideal to use either alone or with your partner. If you want the smoothest experience with your Fairy, be sure to use a water-based lubricant.

Product Details

MATERIAL: The Fairy Massager is made from quality plastic.
DIAMETER: 4.5 cm.
WEIGHT: 302 g.
BATTERY TYPE: Electrical cable and plug.
LENGTH, WIRE: 142 cm.
SOUND LEVEL: Over mid-level.
INTERFACE: 1 button.
RPM: 9000.


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