Doxy Massager Magic Wand

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Doxy Massager Magic Wand

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    Product Description

    Doxy Massager is an energetic magic wand vibrator, which delivers every time. The effective Magic Wand plugs into a wall socket and you can therefore enjoy it as long as you like, without having to think about batteries or recharging. 

    Doxy is just what you’re looking for if you who prefer deep, powerful vibrations from a Magic Wand. Inspired by the original Hitachi Magic Wand, its head is cast in aluminium, which provides deeper vibrations, compared with other Magic Wands which have heads made of plastic. The aluminium head on Doxy is covered with a thick, foam-like and Hypo-allergenic material that makes the wand very pleasant to use.

    We suggest you use a good lubricant so that your wand can glide all over your body and the massage will so much more sensual.  

    With Doxy Massager you get a beautiful stylish Magic Wand, that is easy to set to the vibration you desire. You turn the vibrator on at the power button and turn either turn up or down on the plus or minus buttons, all depending on what feels good for you. If you wish to use Doxy’s pulsating setting, then you will have to switch your magic wand off and then hold the power button down a little. Once the pulsating setting begins then you will just control the intensity. When you want to shift to normal vibrations you will have to switch your wand off again, and then switch it on as normal again.

    After use you should pull the cord of your Doxy out of the wall socket and clean it with a damp cloth and sex toy cleaning detergent. Doxy is not waterproof and therefore may not get submerged in water.

    Doxy massages are produced in England and is 100% for phthalate free and latex free.


    MATERIAL: Quality plastic, aluminium and soft foam.
    Latex-free: Yes.
    LENGTH, VIBRATOR: 35 cm.
    DIAMETER: 6,2 cm.
    BATTERY TYPE: Electrical cable and plug.
    LENGTH, WIRE: About 3 meters
    VIBRATIONS LEVEL: Multi-Speed.
    SOUND LEVEL: Over mid-level.
    INTERFACE: 3 buttons.
    USER GUIDE: English.
    MAY USE WITH: Water-based and silicone-based lubricant.
    Note! May not be used with oil-based lubricant etc.