Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit
Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit
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Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit

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Product Description

The Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche Kit assists you in keeping a grade-A hygiene with intimate cleaning before anal play.

With the intimate cleaner, not only will you get wonderfully clean, but it also helps you avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of play.  

The Douche Kit consists of a water bottle, a cleaning hose, 2 different cleaners in different sizes with a hook.

How to use your Douche Kit:
Fill up the warm water bottle with body-temperature water, connect the hose and place the desired cleaner on the other end of the hose. Hang the bottle up with the included hook, and allow the water to run down the hose out of the cleaner head in a calm tempo.

Then you are ready to decide which direction you want the water to flow.

Make sure to clean the douche kit thoroughly after use. The part that is inserted should be washed with hot water before and after the anal cleaning. 

Don't leave the hose in boiling warm water as it can become deformed. Simply scald it briefly in hot water. 

Product Details

MATERIAL: Medical rubber.
HOSE LENGTH: 150 cm.
- Insertable length: 6 cm.
- Diameter: 1 cm.
- Insertable length: 13.5 cm.
- Diameter: 1.2 cm.
CONTENT: Up to 1900 ml.
LANGUAGE: English.


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