Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game
Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game
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Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game

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Product Description

”Kiss each other on the neck in the car!” That could be one of the challenges in the Bonbons Lucky Love Dice Game. It consists of 3 dice. When you throw them, you will get a challenge deciding: What to do (e.g. lick), on which body part to do it (e.g. the ears) and where to do it (e.g. in the bath tub).

Lucky Love Dice is a fun erotic couples' game that allows you to explore and enjoy each other to the max. The game is perfect for spicing up your sex life.

The dice are delivered without any text on them. With the included stickers, you can design the dice to suit your specific needs and desires. All there's left to do is let fate take full control of your naughty challenges.

The design of 9 of the stickers have images of items, e.g. a bed, a tub and a car. Other 9 stickers have text describing different body parts, e.g. mouth, navel, neck, ear and feet. The remaining 9 stickers describe what to do, e.g. smell, lick, bite, suck and kiss.

Please note that the game can be played in English, French and Spanish. 


Product Details

DICE: 3 pcs.
STICKERS: 27 pcs.
LANGUAGE: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian.


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