BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator
BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator
BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator  1
BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator  2
BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator  3
BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator  4

BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbator


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Product Description

If you would like a realistic and titillating virtual reality sexual experience, then the BKK Cybersex Cup will be perfect for you. With this unique masturbator, the only limitation is your own imagination. How your dream girl looks like or what you will do with each other is entirely up to you.

This masturbator is the first cybersex product to use with your smartphone. Your dream girl will stand in front of you and with the motion-sensitive technology every move you make in the masturbator cup, she will notice, and you will get a very realistic and sensual sexual experience.

Download the app BKK3D on your mobile. In the app you can design your dream woman's figure, hair colour, breast size, voice, clothes ect. Then you decide which environment and position to test. Place your smartphone in the VR-helmet, and put the helmet on. The helmet connects via bluetooth to the masturbator cup, where you control the act.

The masturbator cup is 21 cm long and fits most penis sizes. It is equipped with an elastic silicone sleeve with a nubbly structure that mimics the feeling of a real vagina. With the built-in buttons on the cup it is easy to control the camera angle, sexual positions, get her to climax, etc.

The BKK Cybersex masturbator cup is not waterproof, so take the sleeve out when you need to clean it, which is easy done with warm water and a sex toy cleaner.

Download the BKK3D app for both Android and iOS here

Product Details

MATERIAL: Silicone and plastic.
LENGTH: (cup) 21 cm.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
USER GUIDE: English.
BATTERY TYPE: Rechargeable (charger included).
CONNECTION: Bluetooth.
INTERFACE: Works on newer iPhone and Android phones.
NOTE! If the product is used with the suggested app, you should be aware that the app can collect data regarding your use of both the product and the app. Data sharing can be limited by adjusting the settings in the app. For more information, please refer to the app holder’s Privacy Policy. Sinful is not responsible for your use of the app.


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