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Ben Wa Balls Kegel Balls
Ben Wa Balls Kegel Balls
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Ben Wa Balls Kegel Balls

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Product Description

The Ben Wa Balls kegel balls are for women who wish to be in good form and maintain their pelvic muscles. The set consists of 2 splinter-free glass balls with a quality silicone ball frame around them.

How the Ben Wa Kegel Balls function:
Insert the pelvic floor training balls up in the vagina, and pinch. Continue this exercise for 5 min.

It is imortant that you do the pinching exercise correctly, or you won't achieve the good form. When you pinch, remember to start the squeeze from the anus and move it up to your vaginal muscles.

On the kegel balls there is an extremely durable silicone cord, that you carefully pull on to remove the balls. An easy, comfortable and safe solution.

Most women gain an increased sexual lust and sensitivity in the vagina, when the pelvic floor is trained often. The size of these balls are not very big, but because they are made from glass, they are heavier than average plastic balls. In that way more power is needed to hold the balls in place.

Apply a little lubricant before inserting the balls, for added comfort.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Quality silicone/splinter-free glass.
DIAMETER: 2.5 cm.
WEIGHT: 2 at 18 g each.
USER GUIDE: English.


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