Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Penis Pump

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Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Penis Pump

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    Product Description

    Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is a powerful transformation of the popular Hydromax7 penis pump, which you can also find here in the shop.  The biggest difference is that with the Bathmate HydroXtreme7 you can get more out of your pump’s power. With the new hand pump and hose you no longer need to squeeze the penis pump against the crotch to make it air-tight and create vacuum. Thus, this pump is even easier and more comfortable to use than its predecessors.

    Bathmate HydroXtreme7 is intended to be used in the bath and it is designed to use water to create the vacuum, which increases the size of your penis temporarily. Because of the water pressure that is created in the pump, Bathmate pumps create a far greater and more even vacuum around the penis, than a regular penis pump which uses air pressure.

    HydroXtreme7 can, like the other Hydromax pumps, create a more effective and 35% greater vacuum than Bathmates’ own Hyrdo7 penis pumps. The increased efficiency is due to, among other things the comfort ring that sits at the bottom of the pump, which ensures that the pump ends really close to the body. The ring also helps the pumps feel more comfortable and makes it easier when having to position it in the right angle. 

    Many men achieve a more intense sensation when masturbating or playing with a partner, after using a penis pump. Note! The pump fits on a penis size of max. 5.1 cm in diameter and max. 18 cm in the length.

    How to use a Bathmate HydroXtreme7 Penis Pump:
    1. Immerse yourself in water and turn the valve so that it sits in the pump tip clockwise. Press down, so that the grey splits down to the side so that the valve locks. 

    2. Insert the light grey comfort ring in the pump's opening so that the markings on both the comfort ring and the pump stand next to each other. 

    3. Fill the HydroXtreme7 to the brim with water, place the relaxed penis in, so that the pump sits close to the body, while allowing the scrotum to sit on the outside.

    4. Lift the pump so that it is easily raised and pump it slowly up and down to create vacuum around the penis until you achieve a full erection. For extra control and increased power, you can use the hand pump instead, either directly on the penis pump or with the hose, to intensify the experience. The exercise can be repeated in order to give your penis a good work out. Note! The pump should not be used more than 15 minutes at a time.

    5. Clean the HydroXtreme7 after use with the included cleaning sponge, warm water and a sex toy detergent.


    MATERIAL: Polycarbonate (plastic) and rubber.
    SUITABLE FOR: Penis sizes between 12.4 cm and 18 cm with a diameter of max.5.1 cm (in an erected state).
    LENGTH: 24.8 cm internally.
    DIAMETER: 5,7 cm internally.
    CIRCUMFERENCE: 17,9 cm internally.
    USER GUIDE: English, German and more.(includes illustrations).
    INCLUDES: Penis pump, storage box, hand pump with hose, extra ring, shower strap, cleaning sponge, measuring tape, padlock, sample of lube and a Bathmate towel.
    NOTE: HydroXtreme7 was earlier named Hydromax Xtreme X30.

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