1000 Sex Games Card Game in English
1000 Sex Games Card Game in English
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1000 Sex Games Card Game in English

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Product Description

The ultimate aim of the 1000 Sex Games is "To make love, sweet love". The game combines dice, cards and a playing board, all with the purpose of creating new sexual experiences for the players.

The game is a really fun way to get inspired in your sex life, and challenge and explore each other in a completely new way.  

The game is very simple to play. You basically combine "foreplay", "passionate lovemaking" and "sexy plot twists".

It starts with one player selecting a foreplay-card.This card has different themes, for example, "naughty dice", "strip spinner", "spin the bottle" ect. Thereafter, turn a passion-card around, which will give extra inspiration and guidlines for foreplay. The idea is to combine the foreplay and passion-cards, for intensified pleasure.

If you wish to add an element of variation then you could use a plot-twist-card, for even more excitement.

The game is for 2 adults. Be aware that this game is in English.

Product Details

TITLE: 1000 Sex Games.
RULES: Simple.
LANGUAGE: English.
SIZE OF THE BOX: 13 x 13 cm.
COMPRISES OF: 11 x Sex-card, 10 x 4play-card, 10 x Plot Twist-card, 10 x Passion-card, 2 x Absolute Indulgence-card, 1 x Sexy Tongue Twisters-card, 1 x Flatter Me-card, 1 x Stripping Chart-card, 1 x game board, 2 x normal dice, 1 x sexual activity-dice, 1 x body part-dice, 1 x game rules.   


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