Zado Leather Cuffs
Zado Leather Cuffs
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Zado Leather Cuffs

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Product Description

The ZADO Leather Cuffs is a kinky set of cuffs for pleasure seekers who want to experiment with bondage play. These solid cuffs are made from a good, durable, quality leather so that you can enjoy them for a long time, even while they have a firm hold on your wrists or ankles. The padded inner lining make the cuffs comfortable to wear. 

The beautiful, black ZADO Leather Cuffs are adjustable, and as their name suggests, can be used both on your wrists and ankles. They have a circumference of between 14 - 28 cm and are adjustable in size, going from a 4.5 cm up to 9 cm internal diameter using a metal buckle adjustment.

The double snap hooks included in the package can be used to fasten the leather cuffs together or fasten them to other straps.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Leather, imitation leather and foam.
LENGTH: 25 cm.
WIDTH: 6.3 cm.
CIRCUMFERENCE: Fits wrists and ankles with a circumference of between approx. 14 - 28 cm
DIAMETER (internally): 4.5 - 9 cm.
USER GUIDE: English etc.


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