You and Me Erotic Game
You and Me Erotic Game
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You and Me Erotic Game

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Product Description

"You and Me" is the game that will bring you and your partner even closer together.

The game contains: 90 cards (split into "his" and "hers"), an hourglass and a dice showing "me", "you" or "question mark". The dice determine which card to draw and who gives or receives the instructions from the card.

"You and Me" is perfect for those looking for fun challenges and who want a few extra tricks on how to seduce each other. Use the hourglass as an extra titillating feature if some of the tasks/exercises have to last for a certain time.

The game is about collecting as many hearts as possible and the winner is of course the one who succeeds. 

Before you start, it is worth getting some lube, massage oil, a restraint and a blindfold for an even better experience.

The game is in English, but with easy-to-understand text. 

Product Details

TITLE: You and Me.
RULES: Simple.
LANGUAGE: English.
THE GAME CONTAINS: Dice, hourglass and 90 cards with titillating tasks.


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