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TENGA Air Cushion Cup
TENGA Air Cushion Cup
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TENGA Air Cushion Cup

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Product Description

The Air Cushion Cup is a soft but tight masturbation product, and the first in the world where the technology of air is used. The technology consists of 24 air cushions, located inside the Cup, which gives an extra tight experience.

Air Cushion Cup feels life-like, soft and wet.

For the sake of hygiene, the air cushion Cup is designed for single use, so you are not able to clean it after use.


you want to use the air cushion cup several times, you can invest in a few condoms and a little extra lubricant to prolong the product life.

The Air Cushion Cup fits to all the penis sizes and the Cup feels soft and round when you hit the bottom.

This is produced under high quality requirements in Japan. Tenga toys are best selling in Japan.

The Tenga Cup was named the best sex toy for men and received a EROTIXXX award in October 2011.

Product Details
LENGTH: 16.5 cm.
DIAMETER: 6.4 cm.
WEIGHT: 181 grams.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.

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