TENGA Air Flow Cup Masturbator
TENGA Air Flow Cup Masturbator
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TENGA Air Flow Cup Masturbator

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Product Description

The TENGA Air Flow Cup might just take your breath away, but in the best possible way! It's a soft but tight masturbation product, and the first in the world where the technology of air is used. 

Hidden inside the masturbator is a soft sleeve with a unique structure. When you thrust into the tight, wet opening, your shaft is stimulated and the Air Flow technology creates a tantalising sensation. The technology consists of 24 air cushions, located inside the Cup, which gives an extra tight experience.

Remove the sticker at the bottom of the Cup and enjoy a vaccum effect!

Lube has already been added so you can get started right away. Add more water-based lube if you would like an even wetter experience. 

Air Flow is intended for single-use, but if you wash it carefully with warm water and a neutral soap and let it airdry, you can use it more than once. You can also use a condom to extend its usage. 

Product Details
LENGTH: 15.5 cm.
DIAMETER: 6.5 cm.
INNER DIAMETER: 1 cm (stretchable).
DEPTH: Approx. 15 cm.
WEIGHT: 181 grams.
LUBRICANT: Water-based (in the product already).
LANGUAGE: English, French, German, Spanish. PRODUCT NUMBER: 10291.

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