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Sinful Kegel Balls Double

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  • Sinful Kegel Balls Double
  • Sinful Kegel Balls Double
  • Sinful Kegel Balls Double
  • Sinful Kegel Balls Double
  • Sinful Kegel Balls Double

Sinful Kegel Balls Double

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    Product Description

    Do you dream about strengthening your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises? Then the Sinful Kegel balls would be the best choice for you.

    Sinful Kegel balls are balls are heavier in weight than most pelvic floor balls, and is therefore particularly suitable if you who want to train your muscles with extra weight.

    Apply a little lube on the kegel balls and gently slide them up into the vagina, one at a time. Once the balls are in place, then they ready for you pinch around them. You can do this exercise while laying down, standing or walking. It is easiest to start from a laying down position. 

    Once you are done with your pelvic workout be sure to clean your kegel balls with a sex toy cleaning spray.

    Did you know that pelvic floor exercises increases the sensitivity in the vagina, allowing you to feel even more during sex? The training often also contributes to a reduced risk of incontinence and an increased sex drive.

    Gynaecologists, midwives, sexologists and sex counsellors recommend that women do pelvic floor exercises regularly. 


    MATERIAL: Metal coated with silicone.  
    DIAMETER: 3 cm.
    LENGTH, TOTAL: 20.5 cm.
    LENGTH, CORD: 11 cm.
    WEIGHT: 151 g
    .LUBRICANT: Water-based.
    USER GUIDE: English 

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