Sinful Flexible Tip Anal Douche

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Sinful Flexible Tip Anal Douche

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    Product Description

    If you want the best possible experience during anal sex or stimulation, so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest, then the Sinful Flexible Tip Anal Douche is a must-have.

    It cleans you out completely, so that there are no surprises during your anal play. The douche has a flexible flush pipe, for comfortable insertion.

    The douche is easy and hygienic to use. Full up the pump with lukewarm water and apply lubrication to the flexible flush pipe. Carefully insert the flush pipe up your anus and slowly spray the water up. Allow the water to rinse out in the toilet. Repeat the process, until the water rinses out clear or looks clean.

    The Sinful Flexible Tip Anal Douche is made from phthalate free PVC. It can hold 175 ml and has an extra wide opening for easy cleaning. The flushing pipe is removable.


    CAPACITY: 175 ml.
    CLEANING: May scald, but may not leave to lay in the boiled water, as the flushing pipe can get disformed.

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