Shave Safe Intimate Anti-Razor Bump Shaving Foam

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Shave Safe Intimate Anti-Razor Bump Shaving Foam

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    Product Description

    Do you ever suffer from razor bumps or barber’s itch after shaving your face, your intimate regions, your arms or your legs? Then try out the test-winning and critically acclaimed Shave Safe Shaving Foam which has been featured on the pages of renowned publications such as Woman Magazine, Cover, Q, Iform, Bazar and more. Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. 

    With their unique shaving foam, Shave Safe have placed their focus on minimising the irritation that can sometimes arise when shaving the more intimate regions of your body. Shave Safe works to counteract itching, razor bumps and ingrown hair. It is specially designed for the treatment of sensitive and irritated skin and is 100% unscented and completely free from parabens and artificial dyes.’s tips for using Shave Safe correctly:

    - If you have never shaved the area before then it may be a good idea to begin by trimming away longer hairs before you hone in for a closer shave. Use a pair of trimmers or a good pair of scissors.

    - When giving yourself a close shave, make sure to use a brand new razor for the best possible results. Avoid using cheap disposable razors especially when shaving your intimate regions.

    - Shake the Shave Safe bottle and apply the shaving foam. Begin by shaving with the grain of the hair, then horizontally and finally finish off by shaving against the grain of the hair for a closer and smoother finish.

    For intimate shaving: After shaving, lubricate the smooth and shaven area with a little silicone lube. This will help keep things smoother for longer.

    In May 2013, Shave Safe was declared a miracle by popular Norwegian magazine Iform and awarded five stars out of five for its fantastic effect! 

    Shave Safe is a unisex shaving foam and is manufactured in Denmark.


    SIZE: 200 ml.
    USER MANUAL: Danish.

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