SexFlesh Noon-her Naomi Masturbator
SexFlesh Noon-her Naomi Masturbator
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SexFlesh Noon-her Naomi Masturbator

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Product Description

The SexFlesh Noon'her Noami Masturbator is one of the most popular masturbators on the market and Naomi is ideal for anyone who wants titillating and realistic stimulation.

Noon'her Noami is made of a gorgeous and flexible SexFlesh material that makes the doll very soft and inviting. Enjoy Naomi with a good, water-based lube to make the experience as vivid and realistic as possible. 

The SexFlesh Noon'her Noami Mastubator has both a vaginal and an anal opening. The vagina opening is 15 cm deep, while the anal opening is 11.5 cm deep. Both holes are very flexible, so the doll fits most men.

After use, clean the SexFlesh Noon'her Noami with warm water and possibly an antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner. At the bottom of the masturbator are 2 holes that direct all water and dirt out of the doll when you clean it.

To maintain the soft surface, regularly powder it with Fleshlight Powder. Sprinkle the powder on when Naomi is washed and dried. 

Product Details

DIMENSIONS: 28 cm x 22 cm x 8 cm
ANAL HOLE: 11.5 cm deep.
VAGINA HOLE: 15 cm deep.
WEIGHT: 2.3 kg
USER GUIDE: English.


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