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In our 3 for €60 category you can find some of the most popular high-quality products in the shop, and when you choose three of them, the combined price will be only sixty euros, regardless of the original price.

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3 for €60 - High quality at a low price

3 for €60 is an excellent opportunity

"3 for €60" speaks for itself, so when you choose any three products from the selection in this category, they will only cost €60 regardless of their normal price. This offer includes all sex toys and other erotic products you can find on the page, so you have ample opportunity to find exciting bargains. Among the selection, you can also find products that are normally quite valuable, but since they have been included in the "3 for €60" campaign, you can get them for a very affordable price when combining them with others in the same category.

We will make sure that the selection is updated regularly, so that there will always be a lot to choose from. Of course it also means that you should be fast, if you spot three products you would love to have for a great price. We can't guarantee they will still be included in the "3 for €60" category the next time you visit the page.

If you are so lucky as to find 6 fantastic sex toys on the page that you just can't live without, don't despair! The offer has no upper limit, so you can buy 6 or 9 (and so on) products, and as soon as you place them in the basket, the price will automatically update to the correct offer amount. This category is a phenomenal opportunity for you to buy several sex toys at once and get an extremely affordable price.

Sex toys for all tastes

The types of products you can find in this category vary a great deal, because we react constantly to the changes in the market and do our utmost to keep the selection as versatile as possible, so we can guarantee that there is something for everyone. It is very important to us that our selection offers everyone the opportunity to acquire enjoyable products of high quality, which bring joy and pleasure to the everyday life.

The "3 for €60" category includes popular, high-quality sex toys, so you will always get value for money. If you take a look at the products you can find in the comprehensive selection, you will notice that the category offers a little of everything. There are products for women, men, and couples, and the selection includes anal toys, fetish sex toys as well as everything else you can possibly imagine.

Additionally you can find masturbation products for men, vibrators for women, sex toy sets, as well as many other types of sex toys and erotic accessories you can either use alone or together with your partner. And whenever you choose products from this category, you will get 3 for €60 no matter what you end up buying and what the original price of the products is. This is a great chance to shop for men, women and couples' play, and the price for three products will never exceed sixty euros. Simple, easy, and extremely attractive!

Find your new favourites

We really hope that the "3 for €60" category proves useful to you and that you can find new favourite toys both for your own use as well as for couples' play. We believe that when sex toys reach their fullest potential, they help to find and maintain a connection with your own body and its needs, and also to create an even better connection between lovers. When taking toys into use, it suddenly becomes easier to talk about your sex life and explore fantasies together as well as open a door for new experiences.

Here at Sinful we believe that it is possible for everyone to enjoy better sex with sex toys, as long as you choose the kind that suits you well. With naughty products you can explore many kinds of desires and experience exciting, intense feelings. Sex toys bring variety to your masturbation routine, help you learn new things about your own body, and when you use them together, they can spice up your sex life even when you have been together for years on end and think you already know everything there is to know about each other. You can truly be surprised by what you discover!

If you run into any questions you want to ask when browsing the selection of the "3 for €60" category or some other page in the shop, you are always welcome to contact our friendly customer service. We know our products well and are happy to answer any questions you might have.


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