Sex & Mischief Short Riding Crop
Sex & Mischief Short Riding Crop
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Sex & Mischief Short Riding Crop

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Product Description

The Sex & Mischief Short Riding Crop is a good whip for you the beginner who would like to start getting spanked. This whip is a great fit if you enjoy gentle smacks or if you simply have never tried it before. This whip is also suitable because it is made from a firm material which gives a decent but not a too hard hit.

This short riding crop has a total length of 30.5 cm, for the opportunity to live out your fantasies with a sensual sting and sexy slap. The whip end that delivers the punishment is 5x5.5 cm big.

We suggest that you always start slowly  and seductively with gentle spanks and then gradually increase intensity, so that your partner gets use to the feeling. When you are done with the whip you may want to rub body lotion onto your sensitive skin.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Vinyl, ABS-plastic and vinyl. 
TOTAL LENGTH: 30.5 cm.
WIDTH: 5 cm on the widest part.


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