Sex & Mischief Gag Ball Red
Sex & Mischief Gag Ball Red
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Sex & Mischief Gag Ball Red

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Product Description

Are you turned on by silence in the bedroom? And the one who can't speak can only dream him/herself at a place where one usually would not dare dream about?

That is what happens when one of you has this red gag ball in your mouth.

Both the strap in synthetic leather and the plastic ball are relatively soft, and the gag ball is therefore especially suitable for beginners.

The buckle strap is adjustable and can adjust from 41.9 cm to 63.5 cm. If you need it to be smaller in size then you can simply add more holes in the strap.

This gag ball is one of the products from the Sex & Mischief bondage range, especially suitable for beginners in bondage or BDSM.

Product Details

MATERIAL: Strap of synthetic leather (vinyl) with soft polyester internally. Plastic ball. 
USER GUIDE: English.
DIAMETER BALL: Approx. 4.5 cm.
CIRCUMFERENCE: From 41.9 cm - 63.5 cm.
LENGTH: 63.5 cm.


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