Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina
Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina
Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina  1
Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina  2
Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina  3
Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina  100

Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina


Product discontinued
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Product Description

Maddys Kitty Rubber Vagina is a sexy masturbator for men, that is held in the hand and moved in the same way as you would when giving yourself a normal handjob.

Maddys Kitty looks like a vagina and is made from a very soft and flexible material, so the experience with the product is as realistic as possible. The innerside has a ridged structure for extra stimulation while using it.

The opening in tMaddys Kitty Rubber Vagina is quite small, but because the materiel is very flexible this masturbator can be used by most men.

You decide how tight you want the stimulation to be with how tight you squeeze it in your hand.

We recommed you use Maddys Kitty RUbber Vagina with a water-based lubricant, for the most lively and arousing feeling. 

Product Details

LENGTH: 14.5 cm.
WIDTH, EXTERNALLY: 4.7-6.1 cm.
WIDTH, INTERNALLY: 1.2 cm - can stretch up to approx. 5.5 cm.
LUBRICANT: Water-based.
USER GUIDE: English.


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